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Howard UniversityPh.D. in African Studies 2007
University of Maryland, College ParkCertificate in Entrepreneurship: Launching an Innovative Business 2015
Howard University MA in Philosophy 2004
University of Maryland, College Park Graduate Certificate in Intelligence Analysis 2010
Howard University BA in Philosophy 2000
United States Institute of Peace Certificate in Conflict Analysis and Resolution 2010


Proficient Advanced Expert
Curriculum Design
Teach Online and Face to Face
Africana Studies (e.g. History, Philosophy, Political Economy)
Counterterrorism and PVE/CVE/HVE in the U.S. and Africa
African and Middle Eastern Affairs
International Security Studies
Strategic Planning and Implementation
Business Development
Proposal Management and Writing
Project Design and Management
Project Implementation and Evaluation
Hire, Train, and Manage Staff
Design, Lead, and Develop Focus Group Reports
Workshop Trainer and Presenter
MS Office and Google Drive Skills
Database Management
Strategic Communications


Winter, 2017

Transforming the Hate that Hate Produced: Examining the Story and Deradicalization work of The Community of W.D. Muhammad (New America Foundation: Winter 2017)

October, 2016

“Assessing the Master Narratives of al-Shabaab and Boko Haram” (The Cairo Center for Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping in Africa: October, 2016)

Winter, 2015

Understanding Terrorism in Africa: A Primer (Human Security Partners, LLC: 2015)

Fall, 2014

“The Ubiquity of Cognitive Bias: Structured Analytic Techniques in Action” (USG Publication, 2014)

Fall, 2011

“Spying & Espionage: Separating Fact from Fiction” (Presentation, Bowie State University, Faculty Lecture Series, Fall 2011)

Summer, 2010

“Transforming War and Terrorism: Examining Human Security Solutions in the Horn of Africa,” Terrorism in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Evolving Front in the War on Terrorism, editor, Dr. John Davis (Lexington Books, 2010)

Winter, 2008

“The Route to Sound Foreign Policy: Engaging Unheard Voices by Listening,” ​The Inaugural Phelps Stokes Fund, Global Education and Leadership Conference, University of Maryland (Presentation, Winter 2008)

Spring, 2007

“The War on Terror in the Horn of Africa: Human Security Matters,” Conference Presentation on “Political Violence,War and Terrorism in the 21st Century” (Howard University, Spring 2007)

March, 2017

“Open Source: The Likelihood of a Terrorist Attack in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area is Increasing” (Department of Homeland Security, March 2017)

December, 2016

“Women, Peace, and Security in Niger” (Department of State, December 2016)

Fall, 2014

“A Human Security Strategy Can Undermine the Threat of Boko Haram” (Presentation, National Counterterrorism Center, Summer 2014)

Fall, 2014

“A Case Study in Structured Analytic Techniques: Evaluating the Methodology of the text ‘Homegrown Terrorists in the U.S. and U.K.’” (USG Publication, 2014)

October, 2010

“Anticipating al-Shabaab: Towards an Effective Strategic Communications Framework” (Developed for AF/PDPA, 2010)

November, 2008

“Countering Terrorism: Human Security Solutions in the Horn of Africa” ​(​Human Security Report Project: Human Security Research​, Issue 46, November 2008)

Fall, 2008

“Debating African American Studies: Engaging Human Security & Global Civil Society Praxis,” The Annual Philosophy Born of Struggle Conference, Michigan State University (Presented, Fall 2008)

Fall, 2007

“Strengthening Democracy: Beyond the Voting Rights Act” (Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Inc., Center for Policy Analysis and Research, Fall 2007)


Why Engage Dr. Adrian Taylor?

Integrate theory with practice.

Having taught at the undergraduate and graduate level for over 10 years, and been an entrepreneur and national security consultant for a number of years, Dr. Taylor values introducing students to the theory and practice of Domestic and International Security Studies (e.g terrorism, counterterrorism, PVE/CVE/HVE) and Development (e.g. business development, proposal management and writing, project management, etc.). Accordingly, he enjoys sharing practical insights with students that want to pursue careers in academia, government, NGOs, and as entrepreneurs, having had meaningful professional experiences in each domain. In addition to his Security Studies background, Dr. Taylor has taught courses in the humanities (e.g. Africana and Western philosophy, U.S. and African American History)

Get timely, provocative insight.

Dr. Taylor loves research and writing, and prides himself on developing usable and insightful analysis. With over 15 years of research and writing experience, Dr. Taylor loves doing original field-research, action-research, peer-reviewed studies, and producing columns on topics related to terrorism and counterrorism, domestic and international politics, American cultural affairs, and entrepreneurship.

Let’s solve real-world problems.

Dr. Taylor loves strategizing to start and grow businesses informed by his entrepreneurial experience. Whether he is working with clients or partners to get clear on their Primary Aims, to designing and testing business models via business model canvases and minimally viable products, Dr. Taylor enjoys working with small business owners to ascertain product market fit and solving the real-world problems of business owners and customers.

Standards and operating procedures save time and money.

From owning his own business to working with nonprofits, creating frameworks to communicate to new hires or implement projects on “how we do business here” has become increasingly apparent to maximize efficiencies. Work with Dr. Taylor to standardized and potentially automate your operations.


Beyond Dr. Taylor’s professional capacity to integrate theory with practice as a professor, provide timely and provocative insight as an analyst, solve real-world problems for entrepreneurs and their customers, and the value that he places on integrating standards into businesses to increase efficiencies, Dr. Taylor enjoys inspiring, empowering and serving others.

He’s found that when you help others identify their passion, and provide them with the resources and tools to solve their own problems, something happens, irreducible to typed copy.

Dr. Taylor, along with his brother, was raised in Oakland, CA by Warren and Beatriz Taylor. Looking at the various stages of his life, he has been driven by the following pursuits: Baseball (e.g. played on two youth World Series Championship teams from Oakland that went to the White House twice, drafted by the Houston Astros out of high school, earned full-ride Division I scholarship), Africana Studies (e.g. founded and chartered fraternity in undergrad, learned hieroglyphics, earned a Ph.D. in African Studies, founded a research and education Lodge), Martial Arts (e.g. studied Karate, Kung Fu, Aikido, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Judo), Academia (e.g. taught online and face to face for 10 years), Entrepreneurship (e.g. started own firm Human Security Partners, LLC and has helped launch other ventures), and Friends and Family (e.g. continuously engage and replenish).